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Ready To Get Your Butt In Gear?

Sometimes, the hardest part about starting a new fitness or exercise program or healthy eating regime is the starting part.

You're busy. I get it. You're being pulled in 20 different directions with managing a home, work, the kids' school and extracurricular activities, errands, nurturing and pouring into the relationships that matter most to you, pets and their needs, volunteer activities and trying to figure out when you can squeeze in some time to feed your own self-care and spiritual needs is well, a lot. You're likely sleep deprived and exhausted. And intimacy? Fuhgetaboutit. You're burning the candle at both ends and trying to figure out how to attend your kids' dance recital and honors award ceremony....simultaneously. You've got enough on your plate. There's seriously no time to squeeze in an exercise program.

Or is there?

The truth is, for all of the reasons why you can't start are the very reasons why you can start. As a result of all the hustle and bustle and to and fro, your life has become one of convenience. Pizza, Hamburger Helper and drive thrus are standard for quick dinners on busy nights. A bag of Doritos and a soda serve as lunch, and a syurpy gourmet coffee and a bagel smothered in cream cheese make for easy on-the-go meals in your car.

Texting is your main form of communication with everyone, especially your spouse. Mindless reality TV and social media serve as your quality "me time" and you feed your spirituality by reading positive quotes on Instagram. And somewhere along the way when your jeans stopped fitting and the bottom of your blouses started playing peek-a-boo with your muffin top, to hide it all you ordered soft, comfy leggings and flowy tunics on Amazon Prime for speedy two-day delivery right to your front door. And you tell yourself and others that you're happy with your body just the way it is, even though you really aren't. All convenience. Every bit of it.

But here's the thing—convenience breeds complacency. You're comfortable. Nothing is wrong so to speak, so you're content to keep going at the pace and manner you've become accustomed to. You might even pride yourself on having everything under control. But the truth is, complacency can also cause you to turn a blind eye to what lies beneath your organized chaos. If you're living on junk and convenience food, constantly fatigued, overweight, not quite feeling well but can't pinpoint anything specific and have little to no sex drive, those aren't things to be ignored. Those are flashing red lights telling you change is needed.

For a lot of people, especially those with some extra weight to lose, find that change comes in the form of simply moving their bodies; whether it's walking, jumping rope or starting an exercise program like KKB. What many find is that once they get moving, they want to eat better. And once they're moving and eating better they start feeling better. Once they start feeling better, they want to find more ways to build on that, like prioritizing sleep, sex and self-care. For many, just getting started is the key that unlocks the door to a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

If you recognized yourself in any of the above scenarios, perhaps KKB is a great starting place for you. This program is ideal for beginners, those who haven't exercised in a long time and feel like a beginner, the more advanced, and even those with injuries. The workouts are short and challenging and combined with smarter food choices, you will notice a difference in how you both look and feel.

Like I said in the beginning, I get it. Life is challenging and full, but it can still be fulfilling.

Please Note: This exercise program is not instructor led for the entirety of each workout. Each workout begins with me introducing and performing the exercises with you for the first round. Each subsequent round is you doing the routine alone. You are always more than welcome and encouraged to skip back and work along with the first round for the duration of your workouts.

We're in beta right now, which is great for you because that simply means you get access to the program at a ridiculously low rate before the price increases, and you will reap the benefit of all future improvements and updates. Free of charge. So what do you say, ready to make like full and fulfilling by getting started today?

Program Creator

Kitara Wilson

Kitara R. Wilson has been a fitness and wellness advocate and entrepreneur for over 16 years. A previous women's-only gym owner and Body-for-Life Champion in the couples category alongside her husband, Kitara is passionate about helping women—especially busy, overwhelmed and emotionally depleted mothers—reconnect with the essence of who they are as women through fitness and overall wellness. It is her belief and experience that when you begin to feel and look better physically, you begin to feel better emotionally. It is her desire to help women feel good about themselves again.

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